CVYC stands for Cape Verde Yachting Company and as you can see from our name, we are a yachting club based in Cape Verde, Praia to be more precise. We use CVYC acronym as a pet name for our little project and we opted out for company in our name because CVYC is offering much more service than what you can find in your regular yacht club.

For starters next to what you normally get from a yacht club, like a marina with docks, with members only bar and restaurant, CVYC also offers its members the ability to conduct some light repairs and maintenance on their boats. But we don’t stop there.

CVYC also has a dedicated section with sailboats and small to mid-sized yachts which are in our ownership which we rent out to our members and those who are interested in becoming members. Reason for us starting to offer this service was that a lot of our members would come and visit Cape Verde via plane, after previously visiting with a sailboat but they still wanted to enjoy the islands. We decided to allow them to do just that by renting a sailboat from us. What we’re basically saying is that you can’t go wrong by becoming a member of CVYC. If you find yourself in Praia, Cape Verde, visit us and find out why hundreds of people have decided to choose us as their sailing and yachting home base on Cape Verde. Safe travels everyone.