São Nicolau – if Praia isn’t enough of a getaway for you

This summer is shaping up to be another great mix of fun and work for the CVYC team. As you might have already read on the announcement that we recently made, the CVYC team, at least of portion of us, is going as a maintenance crew that’ll ship small cruise ships in Croatia. A small number of our staff will be staying on Cape Verde and take care of the business back home. As part of our effort to promote this great island nation, today we’re going to talk about São Nicolau, a must see destination for everyone that wants an even bigger getaway spot than Praia.

São Nicolau – if Praia isn’t enough of a getaway for you

São Nicolau is one of the smaller island north of Praia. It’s still part of the Cape Verde archipelago, only it’s smaller, with the town of São Nicolau being also smaller. Population sits at around 12.000 people strong. Compare that with close to 200.000 people that Praia has, and you can see why many people find that Praia might not be enough of a getaway to escape the crowds.

CVYC team has been known to regularly take a boat and venture up to São Nicolau, if we feel like it during national holidays when we have days off and of course us individually in our off time. When we are there we really enjoy the fact that if we want to enjoy in a stroll through the town streets we can do that, but if we decide we want enjoy in a nature hike, we can be doing that within a minutes notice in the mountains behind São Nicolau.

Many of the people that we know, our clients, from cities like New York, London, Paris and Berlin, find that even though Praia is pretty small compared to the cities they are from, the crowds there can be very reminiscent of their home cities. We’re of course not saying that Praia, a small island town in the middle of the ocean can be compared to New York. We’re just saying that it doesn’t take a lot to feel crowded.

That’s why we’ve been starting to recommend other islands of Cape Verde as destinations to get away from the crowds and have some peace and quite in the nature, or just admiring the slow pace or a small town. Still Praia is our base, and many people are perfectly happy with staying there throughout their visit to the archipelago. But we just want everyone to know that should you need something even more remote, even more out of the way, we can certainly offer that at Cape Verde. Come and visit us to experience our archipelago firsthand. Contact CVYC for more details.